December Girl by Nicola Cassidy

december girl, book review

This is my first book review since Alan Greenspan’s Age of Turbulance. That review was part of my business degree module back in 2009 so I knew whatever my thoughts about this novel is was going to be a damn sight more enjoyable than the rise and fall of the former head of the FED!

I was kindly send this novel by Nicola and Bombshell Books to review.

Author Nicola writes over on her blog and I have long been an admirer of her style of writing so I knew her voice would  resonate to me in book form.

I wouldn’t usually be one for historical novels but the strength and Independence of the main character Molly, the location and the endless twists, shocks and anger made this book one of those page turners from page one.


december girl, december girl review

What I thought…

It is set in the late 19th and early 20th century in Ireland andthe UK. They say babies born on Winter Solstice are survivors and none more so than the protagonist in this story, Molly Thomas. The book opens with Molly facing the spine chilling realisation that her baby has gone missing from his pram. From that one heartbreaking event we are dipped into Molly’s past through the chapters along with the the other characters who shape her story. You will be behind Molly all the way, through every tragedy and shocking twist that the author Nicola so carefully brings you on. The beautiful style of writing allows you to walk beside Molly, smell, feel and taste every word of the author’s articulate style of writing.

The amount of gasps I made throughout this book is the merit to how much of an page turner this book is!

You can purchase December Girl at most bookstores or on Amazon.

I received this book as a gift in exchange for review, all thoughts and opinions are (as always) my own.

Childs Farm and Ezcema

childs farm

When Callum turned one, he got a few dots on his cheek, I put it down to those little spots babies get. After a week, it had spread into a small but perfectly formed circle and each week it got bigger and bigger until his whole cheek was a painful looking, itchy scab. He diagnosed with psoriasis, ring worm, impetigo, seborrheic dermatitis and was given 4 different oral antibiotics over the course of 4 months. He had every cream on prescription and over the counter. Nothing worked and it gradually spread across his face and onto his legs. We even went to get the cure for skin conditions from a couple of brothers.

Every time we tried a new cream, it was ease the rash a little but after a few days it came back.

This was Callum’s skin before his first flare up:


This was 1 month later:



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Being a 90’s Girl

how to be a 90s girl

So I may be a bit nostalgic of late, I was recently at a 90’s reunion of a nightclub I basically lived in from 1999-2001 and its got me thinking of the golden era where boy bands, Soother necklaces and the original Adidas pull-aways ruled.

The Shift

Okay so when your mam eventually let you go to your first disco, you psyched yourself up for the big night and you prayed to all your Christian Slater posters that you may at long last “get the shift”. You were nervous, but ready. You can not be the last one in the group not to have shifted anyone, no way! You have gotten tips from the 2 experienced girls in the group, there was nothing more to do then just wait. Continue reading

Makeup Bag 101

makeup bag

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I am pretty obsessed with makeup it has to be said. I find nothing more exciting then to go to a pharmacy or department store and spend hours, swatching and looking for a little treasure of a find! This obsession is relatively new I have to admit, it was shortly after Callum was born I began to watch and follow beauty bloggers. It always takes me a good 6 months before I feel any way like my old self after I have a baby, so I presume my love for makeup was me trying to take some control back on my body and my mind…in some weird way.

My daughter had bought me a makeup brush the previous Christmas and apart from that and a random eye shadow brush I used my fingers to apply whatever makeup I had sitting in my drawer and I will be honest, some of this makeup did originate from the height of the Celtic Tiger! Continue reading

“Elf Approved” Hottest Toys of 2017

Okay so if you are like me, this time of year will be spent thinking about getting my act together for Christmas and the Big Man’s Arrival on December 25th. Now I say “thinking about” because I will engage my brain into making a plan but in all likelihood the plan probably wont be carried out until very late November early December. At the same time you might be one of those…you know the types, the ones who pick up Christmas presents from the previous January sales and throughout the year. Now I have nothing against people that do this, feck it some of my best friends do it. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though. Like, why can’t you just panic buy in November like the rest of us?? I am not one bit envious of your organisational skills what-so-ever **enter cricket noise here**

I know Halloween hasn’t hit yet, but look there no harm putting the feelers out and finding out whats cheap, where.

What I have decided to do is give the big man and anyone else that needs it a hand and locate the best place and price to pick up the most popular Christmas gifts of 2017. I have tried to break this up into categories, bear with me a content writer for Argos I’ll never make! Also there are sales happening every day on the run up so obviously I will share offers on my social media if I spot them changing! Also there is the option to buy on a UK or US site and use Address Pal I know Sharon from Behind Green Eyes wrote a blog post on how you can use this option I’ll link it here 

So lets start with Bikes and Trikes as its always a popular request…

So starting with the little ones first Continue reading

Look for The Silver Lining

So if you are following my blog since the start of the year you will know how excited I was to go back to work after being at home with the kids for almost 7 years.

I love my kids but I was never a natural stay at home mum, I love my independence always did.

I felt I lost a little bit of my spark being at home all day every day with the kids. I got lost in being Mum the bum wiper, snot cleaner, shoe put-er-on-er, drink getter, toilet trainer and general life preserver. I wanted just a little bit for me. Maybe that was selfish? My mother was all those things and a hell of a lot more and she never sought more. She had her lot and she lived with it. But from day one I knew I was more than just “Mum”.

Being a mum is the hardest job in the world

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The Greater the Storm the Brighter the Rainbow

So Tomorrow is the big day! March for Choice 2017. Myself and Chloe will be making our way up to the big smoke for our first march. I remember last year seeing images from TFMR placing their white roses outside the Dail, it was so poignant.

I have always been pro-choice.

It is my opinion to have no opinion on another person’s body choices especially a woman. I have always believed if a woman needs to have an abortion because lets face it, an abortion is a need not a want, she should be granted to basic right of the choice. But I have been ignorant in the past. I closed my ears and eyes to things that didn’t affect me.  You know what happened though…

It affected me and scarred me.

By now some will be aware I became directly affected by the 8th amendment when I delivered my daughter Grace in Liverpool’s Womens after almost 36 hours of labour with her.

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Barry the Bug. 

You know how it is during school holidays you enjoy the freedom of no lunches, no uniforms, no homework, no manic rush out the door in the morning, etc. Etc.

One thing I forgot to enjoy or rather didn’t appreciate enough, was the feeling of a house full of well, virus free, bug free kids that had pallors that’s didn’t resemble whitewalkers.

They’ve been back at school exactly 15 days and the second week back they were out sick with persistent coughing, sore throats which brought on their asthma. They were good about it though they fell sick in turns… Jamie was the first half to cian the second.

Third week in… All back to normal… Then the itching started… No… No… No… Not fekin lice AGAIN!!! I checked them…okay I’m lying Kieran checked them throughout the summer… Back to school the weekly checks kept going. So how 3 weeks in have they gotten nits?? Might I add…

 They got them THREE TIMES in senior Infants… THREE!!!

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Another Milestone 

mum and daughter, 2 girls, love yourself

One day your staring blankly at a plastic stick with a little pink line wondering how the f**k your gonna cope with a baby at 19.

The next your wondering if those niggles you’re getting in your huge belly are the result of the burger you inhaled at 1am the night before or real life big girl pants Contractions.

You then wonder if it’s normal for this tiny little thing to produce green poo…the book never mentioned it being green! You better not ask because your a kid yourself and they think your gonna fail anyway.

Mum and baby, young mum, smiling, baby
You look at her chocolate covered face at her 1st birthday and wonder what the hell you stressed for. She’s perfect, happy, healthy even if she is as bald as an egg!
Everything is laid out shiny shoes, crisp white socks, itchy grey jumper… All at the bottom of her big bed awaiting her first day in school. Her bald head produced a head full of curls… Worth waiting for 2 years for 😂 Continue reading

Love Yourself 

mum and daughter, 2 girls, love yourself

I won tickets to the Love Yourself event the Lough Rea Hotel and Spa were holding at the weekend. I brought the 15 year old with me to catch up on some very rare mum daughter bonding, gorge on posh little sandwiches and tiny deserts!

We headed up the road, I was slightly fragile thanks to myself and hubbies date night the night before which was supposed to end a lot earlier than it did. Who knew 2 sleep deprived 30 odd year olds could knock back that much vodka in 2 hours??!

*Always drink sensibly kids…weeeell at least until you HAVE kids that is😂*

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