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I won tickets to the Love Yourself event the Lough Rea Hotel and Spa were holding at the weekend. I brought the 15 year old with me to catch up on some very rare mum daughter bonding, gorge on posh little sandwiches and tiny deserts!

We headed up the road, I was slightly fragile thanks to myself and hubbies date night the night before which was supposed to end a lot earlier than it did. Who knew 2 sleep deprived 30 odd year olds could knock back that much vodka in 2 hours??!

*Always drink sensibly kids…weeeell at least until you HAVE kids that is😂*

So the speakers were Pamela Flood who I have to say I was a little star struck by, the original fashion and beauty show Off the Rails was a favourite of mine. Siobhan from Siobhan OH Fitness, Jennifer Rock The Skin Nerd and Sinead from The Beautiful Truth. I thought it was going to run along the same lines as a few masterclasses I have been to but it didn’t have the feel at all.
Siobhan began to talk about her fitness journey and I was pleasantly surprised how positive she talked about working out and food. She made a point of making sure everyone in the room understood to achieve fat loss or put on muscle or improve fitness in general, you were not to restrict yourself completely nor do you have to workout 5 to 6 times per week. She was all about balance, if you deprive your body of food or something you like as a treat, you will eventually binge. The key word was balance and realising that being active 3 times per week creates something much more important than physical changes. It helps create a positive mindset, I don’t know the science behind endorphin’s and positivity but I do know they are linked.
Next up was Sinead, she went through her favourite makeup products. When I was growing up makeup was something you were told was worn by a certain type of girl who wanted to get a boys attention. “War Paint” was a common phrase. So makeup was something I never was bothered by and anyway growing up in the mid 90s the most makeup you ever bothered with was heather shimmer and a pan stick!
Sinead started her talk by saying if you ever feel like shit, put a little makeup on and you will instantly feel a little better and I couldn’t agree more. It’s not about putting it on to LOOK better for others, it about putting it on to perk yourself up, lets face it if we are feeling like crap and looking middling it does help our mood. You cannot deny it. I love the fact makeup is not seen as it used to be, a mask or to hide things. We have some how reverted back to how we saw makeup in our childhoods, something to play around with, be creative and enjoy.

Jennifer went through her essential skincare products, not so much brands but rather the essential ingredients that you should include in your regime. But more than that she concurred everything Siobhan was saying, you not only feel better when you put good good nutrients in your body, you also look better.
The reason I was so impressed by this event was the feel I got from it… A huge room of ladies loving life and learning to love themselves. The main theme from the day was Love Yourself and it definitely shone through. It was women lifting women up. The room was full of good vibes, positivity and love. The panel they chose was perfect.

Mother, daughter, 2 girls, smiling, love yourself

What made the day was having my 15 year old daughter there, listening to these real women tell their real stories. You can tell a young girl to love themself, look after themself but it’s a not until they see these in action they truly realise.

Young people have it tough these days, everything is online, social, instant and materialistic.

There is a reason why teens are one of the biggest buying powers out there.

Chloe watched these ambitious successful women, and was impressed, Siobhan exudes strength, Jennifer knoweldge and Sinead pure passion.

If I walked away with anything it is the fact we don’t teach our young people to love themselves enough, and we need to teach this by showing them. When women empower women magic happens. They say lead by example. So first I’ll need to practise loving myself… Stop putting myself down, empower myself, empower more women, stop comparing myself to others, stop the negativity seeping into my life. It’ll take practice, I’ll fall off the wagon but for right now, I’m going to try and look at myself and think you know what…

You’re alright!

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