La Roche Posay Redermic R

La Roche Posay REDERMIC (R)

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Excuse the absolute hack of the tube but it shows signs of much love. I bought this in Cara Pharmacy at a Marissa Carter Masterclass on the recommendation of Marissa. Its basically a wonder product. I have an oily t-zone and pores you could sink a battleship in, I have fine lines around my eyes and a really annoying deep-ish line between my eyes (this is mum’s angry line!) as well as forehead lines that can be annoying with certain foundations. SO when I heard this product not only smooths out fine lines and wrinkles but shrinks pores (pores cannot close unfortunately) and brightens the skin I was sold. It was €34.95 and I have had it since very beginning of May and have used it every night since. I was told to start this product very carefully as it contains Vitamin A and our skin needs to adjust to it. So I put it on once a week for 2 weeks, twice a week in the third week and so on until you are using it every night after your serum or oil and your skin is happy with it. You are advised to use an SPF of at least 50 with this product and if you are going into hot sun avoid using it while there. Also this product is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women as it contains too much vitamin A. All the “sciency” advise (and images of nice full tubes of the product!!)  you can find here .

I love this product. I am re-purchasing as soon as I come back from holidays (spending emargo until then). It smoothed out and filled in the line between my eyes, my pores are much smaller and the fine lines around my mouth have seen huge improvement. My skin wasn’t as grey as it was, it helped brighten my skin up and my foundation went on so much better as a result. This for me is a cult product. I will probably use this for a long time to come. There is a Redermic R especially for the eye area that I will be purchasing next. Goodbye 34 hello 21 again!3233