Barry the Bug. 

You know how it is during school holidays you enjoy the freedom of no lunches, no uniforms, no homework, no manic rush out the door in the morning, etc. Etc.

One thing I forgot to enjoy or rather didn’t appreciate enough, was the feeling of a house full of well, virus free, bug free kids that had pallors that’s didn’t resemble whitewalkers.

They’ve been back at school exactly 15 days and the second week back they were out sick with persistent coughing, sore throats which brought on their asthma. They were good about it though they fell sick in turns… Jamie was the first half to cian the second.

Third week in… All back to normal… Then the itching started… No… No… No… Not fekin lice AGAIN!!! I checked them…okay I’m lying Kieran checked them throughout the summer… Back to school the weekly checks kept going. So how 3 weeks in have they gotten nits?? Might I add…

 They got them THREE TIMES in senior Infants… THREE!!!

With the amount of prevention shampoos, tea tree, treatments they got every week and every morning how on earth the little shites burrow their way onto their little heads I’ll never know. But they did,  3 times over the year 😭

Here we are three weeks into 1st class and the tearing begins…quick check their heads!! Hubby checks and checks nothing there… We all sigh with relief but he gives the overnight doses of treatment for good measure 😂

So now here we are week numero 4. They were off school Monday because of the all Ireland final… We’ll not discuss that right now, as I may feel a little quesey myself. The last thing Jamie has to eat Monday was rhubarb crumble and custard 🍮.

If you could think of the WORST thing to have in your belly hours before a violent stomach bug takes hold I’d say rhubarb and custard would be a fore-runner 😷😭

Approx 12am we heard it… The coughing, spluttering, “oh f**k!” ran in to him… It was Jamie and it was too late. He had pebble dashed (sorry) his bedroom wall, duvet cover, duvet, school clothes, himself. We both looked at each other like two desperate tired parents do… You know the look.

Kieran took over… We have an unwritten pact. He does puke and I deal with poo. Sorry. 😂

He somehow clears the mess. Nice and clean sheets, all cosy tucked up with his basin! Literally 20 mins later… I hear him again. I go in to check. Funny he hasn’t got his head in his basin but rather on his pillow where he proceeds to tell me… “I’m  alright, go back to sleep mum” what he doesn’t realise is he got sick again all over his bed, himself etc. Etc. Etc. 🙈🙈

Yep we have a bug. Let’s call him Barry. Apologies to all the Barrys out there. Barry somehow hibernates during our school holidays. I dunno maybe he feks off island hopping to Ibiza for the summer… But he sure as hell doesn’t be around here!

Bugs, teddies, critters
Barry… In cutsie teddy form.

I guess he comes back just before the kids begin school, maybe he lives in the lost and found press? I can imagine Barry the bug residing there curled up with 9 holey school jumpers, 6 ties and 4 odd pairs of slippers. Then once the kids have settled into school he creeps in and gives them a big, bug filled  barry  hug.


So here we are end of week 4. Jamie went back to school today. All better. Approx. 4.3pm I was texting hubby to let him know I was a finalist in the V By Very Blog Awards!! Only delighted with my life!! He replies with 3 little words… You know what they were…

Cian is puking.

Yep twin number two is feeling the love from Baz. So here I am, giving sips of water in between writing this blog post… Hoping he gets a little sleep so I can watch a little gilmore girls before I literally blink before my alarm goes off again 😭

So as I finish up this very weird ranty post about an imaginery bug monster called Barry (affectionately called Baz) I’m looking through the common childhood sickness book and giving a guess at what’s next… I wonder Is Paddy Power taking bets….

Until next time

Tracey xxx

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