When the Lottie Dolls came to stay

The twins and their Toys

My twin boys are your regular 6 year old, very wild couple of kids. They play with the usual toys, Lego, dinosaurs and cars. I have always been firm in not allowing them have toy guns, I just don’t see the need to “play” with something that in the real world can kill someone and does kill people. Slowly though in the last year or two a odd toy gun would appear in the toy box.

Their play would be rough, wrestling, shooting, someone getting killed or under arrest. I have often seen a nice friendly play with their Fire Man Sam characters end up with someone getting violently eaten by a T-Rex! I was not worried in the slightest by this type of play, but I just reckoned I would love to see how they would play with life-like characters very similar to themselves. I remember when Chloe was their age, she would play happily and gently for hours on end. Continue reading

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