December Girl by Nicola Cassidy

december girl, book review

This is my first book review since Alan Greenspan’s Age of Turbulance. That review was part of my business degree module back in 2009 so I knew whatever my thoughts about this novel is was going to be a damn sight more enjoyable than the rise and fall of the former head of the FED!

I was kindly send this novel by Nicola and Bombshell Books to review.

Author Nicola writes over on her blog and I have long been an admirer of her style of writing so I knew her voice would  resonate to me in book form.

I wouldn’t usually be one for historical novels but the strength and Independence of the main character Molly, the location and the endless twists, shocks and anger made this book one of those page turners from page one.


december girl, december girl review

What I thought…

It is set in the late 19th and early 20th century in Ireland andthe UK. They say babies born on Winter Solstice are survivors and none more so than the protagonist in this story, Molly Thomas. The book opens with Molly facing the spine chilling realisation that her baby has gone missing from his pram. From that one heartbreaking event we are dipped into Molly’s past through the chapters along with the the other characters who shape her story. You will be behind Molly all the way, through every tragedy and shocking twist that the author Nicola so carefully brings you on. The beautiful style of writing allows you to walk beside Molly, smell, feel and taste every word of the author’s articulate style of writing.

The amount of gasps I made throughout this book is the merit to how much of an page turner this book is!

You can purchase December Girl at most bookstores or on Amazon.

I received this book as a gift in exchange for review, all thoughts and opinions are (as always) my own.

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