“Elf Approved” Hottest Toys of 2017

Okay so if you are like me, this time of year will be spent thinking about getting my act together for Christmas and the Big Man’s Arrival on December 25th. Now I say “thinking about” because I will engage my brain into making a plan but in all likelihood the plan probably wont be carried out until very late November early December. At the same time you might be one of those…you know the types, the ones who pick up Christmas presents from the previous January sales and throughout the year. Now I have nothing against people that do this, feck it some of my best friends do it. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though. Like, why can’t you just panic buy in November like the rest of us?? I am not one bit envious of your organisational skills what-so-ever **enter cricket noise here**

I know Halloween hasn’t hit yet, but look there no harm putting the feelers out and finding out whats cheap, where.

What I have decided to do is give the big man and anyone else that needs it a hand and locate the best place and price to pick up the most popular Christmas gifts of 2017. I have tried to break this up into categories, bear with me a content writer for Argos I’ll never make! Also there are sales happening every day on the run up so obviously I will share offers on my social media if I spot them changing! Also there is the option to buy on a UK or US site and use Address Pal I know Sharon from Behind Green Eyes wrote a blog post on how you can use this option I’ll link it here 

So lets start with Bikes and Trikes as its always a popular request…

So starting with the little ones first Continue reading

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